Parey – playthrough

‘Parey’ is a song about looking beyond this “need” of merely sustaining as a way of living – beyond this path that we’re supposed to take in order to achieve a certain way of life and attain an expected form, having ticked all the right boxes on acceptable “things to do”. Acceptable to whom? Before developing an ability to truly comprehend what’s happening, we learn about the pressures that make us die a little inside every day of our lives till we finally move past that realization and become what we were “supposed to be”. We don’t know why we do it, but we do as we’re told, just as our folks did, and their folks before them, and so on. The frequency of it poking at you fades, doesn’t it? We’re taught to train ourselves to manage our inner voice, and how the slightest chance at any sort of fulfilment would be to go safe and follow what everyone else has done before us. We even fool ourselves into believing that this is what will ensure our prolonged sustenance, but does it? How far can we really go minus true inner peace? Don’t get me wrong, self-sustenance is an indispensability, but when has following a laid-out set of “master guidelines for all” without any consideration for individuality and toeing a certain line while holding your breath guaranteed true happiness? Even if for a short while, breaking that monotony which has got us all working around the clock, filling shoes that may not be our size may be enough.

It is. Not everyone has to set up camp in the jungle, but what we’re missing isn’t anywhere out there and that’s the point. It isn’t in your offices and it isn’t in the forests – this is a place within you. It is no coincidence that this is a familiar place for us, we just trained ourselves to forget about it, unknowingly. It’s the same place where we played as kids without a worry in the world about how that may lead to a profit or save on losses. Most souls are lost in this insecurity of just how replaceable everyone is and they let that take form of a monster that controls almost all of their decisions, which often involves looking past what they truly are or would rather be doing with their lives.

What’s truly meaningful to your life will not need to come with a price tag.


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