Aazaad – playthrough

I’m sure you’ve been there or thereabouts in your own way, but there may come a time when you succumb to self-doubt and find it hard to crawl out of that place. What that place does is not let you be; it begins to feed off you and nibble at the qualities that set you apart. I have had that phase subconsciously, consistently linger on for an anxiety-inducing two or more years and while I kept dreaming about the same things that I had grown up wishing for, my motivation to do something about them was damaged, and this realisation would stare me in my face right when it truly mattered. As a guitar player who progressed quickly early on, I had effectively gone poof. This led to an existential crisis and, even though many of the best things that ever happened to me were from this time, I was in a constant struggle to find a complete sense of being. And just like that, we leave it upon ourselves to rise above this, and this is where I am speaking to you from today. I am out of there, and I am ready, having discovered that the same pull that blackened a part of my heart permanently had left something else in there – a small part of which I’ve been able to put together in the first package herein, as I slowly start to feel a gentle breeze sail through my hair.

If you’ve been there, this song is for you. If you’re still finding your way out of there, know that this place isn’t that far away, after all.

“Aaj mai.n aazaad hoo.n, to ye tay ho gaya.”


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