Saraab (Mirage) – Live at Great Indian Film and Literature Festival, Bhopal Chapter – 2018

This performance of my song, ‘Saraab’ was of special significance to me and here is why.

‘Saraab’ (mirage) is a reinterpretation of the first song that I ever wrote on a guitar about 11 years ago. I still remember the feeling of coming up with the first original musical progression on a guitar and – once past the luminous aura of creation – wondering whether it made any sense after all. Butterflies circling around a sense of self-doubt (of course!), haha! I immediately called my sister over to my room and asked her to record me playing this first little piece, while warning her that my playing would absolutely suck (I had only just started trying to play the instrument) so she’d need to be patient, which wasn’t going to be a problem as she really liked using my phone’s camera – a Nokia N72 at that time was one of the good ones, and she was particularly fond of the Sepia Tone setting. So, she obliged quite enthusiastically and I had my first recording of an original piece on guitar (I can never thank you enough, Sarah).

I’d watch it day and night and eventually that would inspire me to finish this song and get better at playing it. I’d go to bed thinking, “One day I shall be perfect at this and then I can record it without making any mistakes and show the video of my first song to everyone.” It took some doing but I finally did it! And now I can’t even imagine what my life would be like if I hadn’t tasted that first sense of accomplishment and all the eventual contributions to my confidence through that. This, in many ways, formed the foundation to my self-belief as a songwriter and guitar-player.

It makes me sad to realize that the recording was lost a few years later but the memory remains intact. So, even as I performed this song on the wonderful GIFLIF stage in a version that brought it to 2018, in my head this song was still playing in a tilted frame on a Sepia Tone setting through the awkward fingers of a teenage me.

Audio Mixed and Mastered by Aman Arakh.

Video by GIFLIF Team.