Kashmakash-Qa’ar-Urooj – Compass Box Live Sessions

This performance took place at Ahmedabad’s Compass Box Studio and their one-take format ensured that this three-part story was finally told the way it was meant to be told (In my debut EP which features this track, I had separated Urooj and listed it as a separate individual track and Kashmakash-Qa’ar as a prequel to Urooj).

So, here is the one-take live performance of the full track, ‘Kashmakash-Qa’ar-Urooj(Tussle-Abyss-Ascension) from my debut EP Urooj.

Compass Box Live Sessions is produced by Raag Sethi.
Shot by: Yuvan Seth
Edited by: Raag Sethi
Mixed by: Aman Arakh
Produced by Compass Box Studio
Sponsored by Arman Financial