Safa – Dylogg Sessions

Safa is one of the five tracks on Samar’s debut EP Urooj. It talks about getting past oneself and rid of the burdens that one’s own ego can cast upon one’s being as well as on those around them – “washing yourself of yourself to be able to shed the weight of hate”.

Samar has addressed this song directly to people who find their purpose in spreading propaganda that affects the present and future of others around them. The hope is to catch them on an individual level, drag them away from their hate rallies, sit them down on a one-to-one basis and give them perspective – a look into an alternate way of life that lives and breathes on an all-inclusive ecosystem and everyone sees the world as one of equals.


This performance was recorded live at Dylogg Coworking, Bhopal on February 11, 2018

Video Shot by Adanj Production

Audio recorded, mixed and mastered by Aman Arakh



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