EP: Guruub (2019)



The Story of Guruub:

Khidki kholi, zara baahar jhaanka,
aur dekha,
ke shaam dhalni shuru ho chuki hai.
Kuch der hui,
mehsoos hua,
ke hawao.n ne raftaar pakad li hai,
aur duur-duur tak
koi ba-khauf inke raaste mei.n haail nahi.n…

“It was an ordinary day, nothing special at all, but, as dusk arrives, so does an inexplicable weight on your heart. Mind tries to make sense of it and today, again, it has attributed the burden to a not-so-recent heartbreak.

Hope flickers.
Or is it denial dressed in white?
“Just a little bit more, please?”

Soon enough, it turns towards rage, which is somehow always just a whisper away.
The image of long-lost love appears at a distance.

You want it so much.
It bothers you so much.

Teeth-grinding rage.
Jaw-clenching rage.
Violent rage.

You run, mindlessly, until you realize that the image is a mirage and you’re stuck in a loop…
You run, not knowing anymore if it is towards or away from something…
You keep running, despite it all.


Hello hysteria!
You laugh, and then you smile.
“This waltz is for you and me.”
And then, while you do the dance, you sing a song about waiting till eternity…
“cause you’re worth it”

New loop!
The song of ‘love’ and ‘waiting’ is three parts you whining about your state and one part you reminding yourself that, at the end of it all, this is all going to be worth it.

Guruub… the ‘dying’ – and not quite ‘death’ just yet – of light.”