Next up: Debut EP Urooj

Urooj is the title for Samar’s five-track debut EP. The word, “Urooj” translates to “ascension, rise” and describes the event of rising from obscurity to the high of individual existence. The EP hopes to symbolize as well as push towards a time in Indian musical and artistic expression where it fearlessly tussles to gain higher societal relevance and balloon out of the much restricted package that had kept it reduced as sideline entertainment for decades.

Beyond its face value, Urooj is essentially based on existentialism and attempts to throw light on the possibility of an alternate way of life that can emerge out of one’s introspection on the question, “what truly gives meaning to your life?”. The answer, of course, is unique to each individual but while it may appear difficult or impossible to find the answer at first, one must remember that this is a journey that everyone is fully capable of making – we are simply born that way and only later, over years, conditioned to think and behave according to certain systems which can leave us in a blur about what we naturally and truly feel or want in life, and whether we have it in us to go for it and move away from the safer guarantees, barring pure happiness, of the system. But sometimes you must dive face-first into the uncertainty to earn a pass from the power that it has on you – to then re-emerge. Let that be something we each find out on our own. The point is, contrary to what every system around us is designed to prevent us from realizing, the opportunity for an alternate way of life is certainly there all the way to the end.

The EP’s release date has been set for April 26, 2018. Among other things, the EP will have studio versions of Aazaad and Parey, and together, the five tracks will attempt to introduce the abundance of Samar’s songwriting and imagination on the foundation of folksy, melodic percussive fingerstyle.