As childlike anticipation consumes me, I can confirm that my debut EP titled Urooj will be out in less than a month. And this finally gives me an opportunity to share the thought process that has been quintessential to bringing the whole thing in shape, besides being the force that turned my life upside down (the other way around, actually).

The word, “Urooj” translates to “ascension, rise” and describes the event of rising from obscurity to the prime of individual existence. The EP will essentially be based on existentialism and circles around the question, “what truly gives meaning to your life?”.

Conceptually, what I hope through Urooj is that the five tracks on it will be mere reminders of one’s most unfiltered qualities and how they are easily brushed aside by the demands of the world – how de-conditioning our mind and way of life from that which doesn’t come to us naturally but was pushed down on us as necessity is that key to the purest, most uncorrupted self that our heart always seeks. It starts there and then – the search for meaning – but the first step is to get there and that in itself is a life altering experience. More often than not, beyond that is clarity, or at the very least, perspective.

Is there an alternate way of life?

Should there be an age-limit to starting over? Is there?!

Written on a one-to-one basis – a monologue that my mind whispers into each listener’s ears individually – the EP attempts to subtly remind its listeners of the value of balanced individuality – that despite how almost every system is designed to eliminate, make us forget our uniqueness and see our happiness instead in how effectively we can colour inside the lines – there is more to life than that. While you do what you have to do for survival and prolonged financial sustenance, it is all pointless if there is no scope for non-material, independent, free happiness in it. You can have an enriched experience just by switching your 10-year old version on, even if for a few moments on a routine day, even and especially if that version of you does not make provisions for beneficial returns thus eliminating the hard-drilled point for there to be a point behind any of it.

Of course, unless tried on one’s own, it is hard to fathom or describe how empowering this can be. Hopefully, something beyond netflix and chill (if you do netflix to chill, don’t do it for the imposition is all I’m saying – don’t let them, or me for that matter, tell you what to do!) – something that you do for a complete switch off from the mundane as well as the overwhelming – to being irrelevant to your workplace and your social media versions but relevant to your own fulfillment. I am a 28-year old who just got a 21-gear mountain bike, and whether I am riding uphill or downhill, even though I’ve been taking the same road to work everyday for years now, it suddenly feels full of adventure and mysteries now.

And this is where the EP will attempt to leave you – right at the door that has the big question mark.

Go ahead and knock – see who answers the door.


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