“Karei.n rehmat aa mil kar,
tu aazaad dil kar
ahem se, badi se,
safa kar khud ko khudi se.”

I had written Safa about four years ago, from a place of uncontrollable unrest, and addressed it directly to those who find their purpose in spreading propaganda which affects the present and future of others around them. The hope was to catch them on an individual basis, drag them away from their hate rallies, sit them down one-to-one and give them perspective – a look into an alternate way of life that lives and breathes on an all-inclusive ecosystem and everyone sees the world as one of equals.

The way I see the world, hate is weak on its own, which is why it needs to be constantly refreshed and stimulated as a group that makes it stronger and sustains it longer. The lack of purpose for some becomes the perfect point of advantage for those who do not want a world where everyone has equal opportunity. Not only do they want more for themselves, they want less for others, and in such imbalance, peace ceases to exist. Through tactics like misinformation and perspective-colouring, this lot lures others who may not have shared the same motivation to their cause originally. But without their monthly hate pack, the people who have been lured-in just might tend to lose their dedication towards it. The reason is simple – human beings on an individual level are not designed to be that way. We are designed to heal over time, to endure and rise, to grow, to co-exist despite the differences for our own peace of mind, at the very least.

The only occasion where there is unrest between differing ideologies is when ego (khudi) steps in, takes over and eliminates empathy from the equation, but there can be a counter measure for that – if we can react within, check ourselves before we take someone else’s words as gospel or tell others what to do, the world will have enough place for everyone. It does! To look out for one’s own kind, one must just look beyond one’s own kind and see what they can do to not affect the lives of others in an adverse way for starters.

It starts not with them, but with you, within you.

I think here is where we can take lesson from the people who tilt towards destruction and imbalance, really – the one thing you can learn from people who are up to no good is how dedicated they are to their cause.

So, to those who keep telling you that there needs to be justice by way of elimination of equality, and try to justify suppressing or hampering someone they differ from, tell them that it makes no sense – neither do they represent us, nor does their purpose need our saving or protection – the only thing worth saving is the present, the only thing worth protecting is the future.

In the age of misinformation, co-existence is our only chance.

A fighting chance.


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