It took you forever and it’s all right – I am glad you are here.

I’ll be honest, when I thought about adding a blog on the reinterpretations website, I felt divided – reason being my skepticism towards a show of vulnerability, not of expression, God no, but that of being – even more so on a platform that should ideally be just about the music. Then again, everything about reinterpretations has always hoped to go beyond anything that restricts expression of any form for that matter. Makes sense to carry it over to this side of my mind that has been a silent observer to it all.

What I hope to write here are things that have invariably played a role in getting me to you, to this place, and eventually, you to me. I can’t guarantee you a joy-ride, but I can assure you that this will be as real as anything you’ll find out there. And that is about all there is to my reinterpretations anyway, so you can consider this an extension of the stories I tell through my music.

I hope you stick around for this, I have an inner potli baba to unleash and for that I’d need your undivided attention.

Let’s see how it goes.



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